Firefighting Equipment and Firefighting in the Workplace.

The situation today

A little-known clause in the fire regulations requires the employer to determine the firefighting needs of the workplace according to the premises, work activities carried out and the contents.

The employer must then determine and provide appropriate firefighting equipment, which is almost always limited to portable fire extinguishers.

Having done that, the employer must then nominate employees to tackle any (incipient) fires in the workplace, devise the necessary course of instruction and than instruct them as often as necessary- which is customarily annually.

This does not appear as a specific item in the risk assessment, but clearly should be risk assessed. To do this does require some knowledge of fire classification, for instance. Help in this regard is provided by the government in its publication, “FIRE SAFETY, An employer’s Guide, ISBN0-110341229-0.

In the majority of workplaces, firefighting requirements are pretty straightforward, so there should not be a problem. Nevertheless, great care must be exercised in all of this.

What we provide

We are able to provide expert advice on the classes of fire risk in your workplace and on the proper fire extinguishers to meet the risks. In addition we can advise on the required training of staff. We also provide a training service.