Fire Safety Risk Assessment

What is it?

It is a systematic and thorough examination of the fire hazards and fire safety measures, physical and managerial, in the premises with an identification of the significant findings, an assessment of the degree of hazard and level of risk and a listing of any necessary remedial actions to be made, together with a timetable of completion.

Who is responsible?

The Responsible Person is unconditionally responsible for the fire risk assessment, Whoever actually undertakes it.

Who should carry it out?

Ideally, it should be carried out by a competent employee, but for a smaller organisation it may be necessary to engage a consultant. In this case, the Responsible Person should ensure that the consultant is accountable at every stage.

What we provide

We prefer to carry out a fire safety risk assessment together with the Responsible Person or a competent employee appointed to assist in fire safey. The underlying reason for this is that we have discovered in more than one case in the past that the findings of a report were not acted upon, leaving the premises vulnerable to fire whilst the management considered that everything was satisfactory because the risk assessment had “been done”.