Employers’ obligations

We can help employers to meet legal obligations under the Fire Safety Order and demonstrate how to make fire safety work for instead of against you.

First though, you have to accept that the fire regulations themselves and the provisions they require are reasonable. If you don’t then you will not be able to make use of this help to enhance not only safety of life in case of fire but also business continuity.

This will require time and effort on your part: time in studying what the Fire SAfety Order means for you and your workplace; and effort in applying them meaningfully to your specific circumstances.

You do not need to become an expert in fire safety to do this. Roger Kemp Associates provides a tool to help you determine what your fire safety needs are and the way to address any shortcomings found. This tool is the fire risk management register.

The fire safety risk assessment is probably the best-known obligation under these regulations because it has been emphasised much by government agencies. What is not so well-known is the obligation the employer has to determine firefighting needs in the workplace and than to nominate and train employees for this task. We can advise on this matter too.

Range of areas for which we are able to advise employers

Fire safety

Physical fire protection measures, including: -
  • Structural protection and compartmentation
  • Active fire suppression systems
  • Means of escape
  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Escape lighting systems
  • First aid firefighting
  • Access for firefighting vehicles and for firefighting personnel
Managerial fire safety measures, including: -
  • Fire prevention policy
  • Fire risk assessments, surveys and audits
  • Fire prevention strategy
  • Fire evacuation strategy
  • Firefighting strategy
  • Disabled persons
  • Training methods
  • Control of contractors working on the premises
  • Fire fighting and rescue (Industrial fire teams)

Salvage and damage control

Fire safety aspects of loss risk management for commerce and industry and protection of building fabric and contents for heritage buildings, covering salvage and damage control in the event of fire or flood.

We have conducted salvage and damage control courses at Surrey Fire and Rescue Service Training Centre, Wray Park, Reigate, giving instruction for organisations including Cardiff castle, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National museums of Scotland)