Fire Detection and Warning

The situation in the workplace

This is the first priority in the event of a workplace fire. Early detection is essential, so that warning can be given and evacuation carried out before the fire can endanger anyone.

That does not mean to say that automatic fire detection is necessary, although it may be advantageous. In any situation where persons are present and awake, a fire will be discovered by one of the occupants before it could be detected by a commercial fire detector.

This is not true of a domestic smoke alarm, because that is so sensitive it can detect combustion products before a human can. The problem though, and most of us have experienced this, is that the alarm is raised when it is something a innocuous as toast being overdone—not yet ‘burning’.

Commercial systems cannot be that sensitive because the innumerable false alarms would destroy their credibility.

Automatic fire detection is required for life safety when the risk demands it, such as in sleeping risks or high-risk areas, etc. Otherwise it is required by insurers for instance for property protection—and this is a perfectly sound reason for having it.

Our service concerning fire detection and warning

We are able to advise employers as to the specification of system necessary to enable them to provide a system that can meet the provisions of the fire safety legislation; that is to say, a system that will provide fire detection and alarm proportionate to the particular circumstances. We can also ensure that the installer understands the requirements.