Our aims

We aim to help designers, builders, installers, employers, users and landlords—in other words, the ‘responsible person’—to meet their legal obligations under the fire regulations and also to make fire safety work for them by providing appropriate levels of fire safety measures, with due regard to safety requirements, the business needs and the costs of implementation.

What we do

Fire Safety Consulting

We provide a full consultancy service for all fire safety matters related to buildings through the design stage, construction process and occupation, including fire safety risk assessment; and to other kinds of workplaces, such as woodland, etc.

Fire Risk Assessment

We undertake life safety fire risk assessments to meet the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire SAfety) Order 2005 for suitability and sufficiency and also fire risk assessments for property protection.

Enforcement Work

We are able to translate the remedial actions listed in an Enforcement Notice or another fire risk assessment into meaningful specifications for works to enable the responsible person to address those remedial actions in a way which keeps costs to a minimum without compromising the necessary standards.

Fire Safety Training

We advise on fire safety training at all levels from basic fire safety awareness for staff, through fire marshals, to fire safety management for employers and senior managers, and also for industrial fire teams.

We believe that fire safety measures as required by health and safety law are at a sensible level and can be applied in every workplace in such a way as to enhance business activities. We believe that this can only be brought about when senior management takes the matter seriously and is prepared to make it a priority. We are aware that this requires a serious commitment by employers in particular to fire safety but that this is the only way it can work and the effort will repay itself in better conditions and higher safety levels, with a consequently lower fire risk.

Professional relationships

These relationships are essential to build and maintain professional expertise and to ensure that we can provide a service to include the very latest technological advances and legislative changes.